April 14, 2021


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தேர்தல் ஆணையத்திற்கு உதயநிதி ஸ்டாலின் பதில்

தேர்தல் ஆணையத்திற்கு உதயநிதி ஸ்டாலின் பதில்



Udayanidhi Stalin

Star Campaigner,

DMK Party

367 369 Anna Salai, Teynampet Chennai 600 018


Thiru Malay Mallick, The Secretary,

The Election Commission of India,

Nirvachan Sadan,

Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110 001


Sub: Your show cause notice in No. 437/TN-LA/2021/SS-I dated 06.04.2021

You have issued a show cause notice referred above to me alleging that I have violated clause (2) of Part of the Model Code of Conduct issued for the 2021 General Elections to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. Please find herewith my reply to the same:

1. I deny the allegations contained in the show cause notice as false and incorrect in toto. I reserve my right to challenge the same in accordance

with law. 2. At the outset, I state that the show cause notice refers to an alleged speech made by me on 31.03.2021 at Dharapuram. However, the show cause notice has not taken the whole alleged speech into consideration and has only referred to two lines of the alleged speech. The tenor and intention of the entire speech must be appreciated to decide in what context the extracted alleged two lines were uttered and what meaning they are meant to convey. Therefore, kindly furnish a transcript of the entire speech, from which the said lines have been extracted so that I may be able to furnish a full and proper reply.


3. Further, the copy of the complaint dated 02.04.2021 from the BJP on the basis of which this show cause notice has been issued has not been furnished to me. Kindly furnish the same in compliance with the principles of natural justice.

4. At the outset I deny that I have committed any breach of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC). I state that the clause (2) of Part I referred by you only prohibits criticism of the private life of leaders and workers of other parties. I state that assuming but not admitting that the speech extracted by you is true, the said lines if appreciated in the spirit of the delivery of the entire speech taken as a whole, do not breach the model code of conduct.

5. The Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi while campaigning for AIADMK-BJP alliance at Dharapuram on had accused me reaching high political office adopting short cut methods in curl D. party. On 31.3.2021, I was answering to the aforesaid accusations made against me by Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. The impugned speech is nothing but answer to that criticism wherein I have said that Mr, Narendra Modi became Prime Minister only through short cut methods over looking other senior leaders in BJP party while he was a Chief Minister of Gujarat. I said that I was having the list of senior leaders who were sidelined by him. I gave the names of Mr.Advani, Mr.Yashwant Sinha, Late Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Late Mr. Arun Jaitely. The words pressure and torture’ were not used by me in the said context as sought to be projected in the showcase notice and these English words cannot be read in isolation without referring to the entire text of speech, My entire speech was made in Tamil and the meaning conveyed in Tamil is totally different from the above words in the notice sent by you. The word SLIPPED was used by me to convey that seniors referred above were not allowed to raise to the position of the leader of the party or Prime Minister candidate of the

BJP and the word Qgmávme was used by me to mean the mental pressure not allowing the other senior leaders to raise up to the position of Prime Minister. The entire speech made by me in Tamil is meant to answer the criticism made against me and nothing more.

6. The show cause notice doesn’t establish that I have spoken about anybody’s private life. Unless a specific charge is made out, I am not in a position to give my reply effectively as the accusations are vague. The notice doesn’t state how the alleged speech refers to the private life of the

persons. Therefore, the show cause notice is utterly vague and bald. 7. I hold Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Late Mrs Sushma Swaraj and Late Mr Arun Jaitely in high esteem in their public life and in personal capacity. I have no personal ill will towards any of them. My speech should be understood in its entirety as it was meant to answer the criticism made against me that I am adopting short cut methods to enter public life.

8. At this juncture 1 state that though a lot of unsavoury and tasteless comments were made about me relating to my private life during recent election campaign in Tamil Nadu for Assembly General Elections, my party leader with great magnanimity asked me to take it in my stride and ! chose not to complain about the same as I could tolerate the criticism. The Election Commission also has not take any action against the persons who commented on my personal life and my family, including my deceased Grandfather Dr. Kalaignar who had been Chief Minister of State of Tamil

Nadu for five terms. 9. In fact I have clarified about the said speech made in Dharapuram win campaigned at Singanallur on 24.2021 and also re-iterated about the respect I have for Late Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Late Mr. Arun Jaitley who both have helped stranded Tamils in foreign countries to reach India on many occasions.

10,1 therefore request the Hon’ble Commission to accept this interim explanation and permit me to give a detailed reply after I receive the full text of speech and a copy of the complaint dated 02.04.2021 and oblige

இவ்வாறு தேர்தல் ஆணையத்திற்கு உதயநிதி ஸ்டாலின் பதில் கூறினார்



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